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Executive MBA, Aalto University 


VC, Serial entrepreneur:

  • 50 startups

  • 10 successful exits & more to come 

  • € 2B+ Assets under management


Taneli was the CEO of 2.56 Billion USD Innovation Fund VAKE, prior to co-founding Epistemic Fund.​ Expertise in scaling enterprise solution startups both in traction and valuation (many 10x successes in his portfolio). Extremely well networked, with 50+ startups, an IPO, and successful exits to his name.

Finland & London (ex- Asia, Silicon Valley)

Hi-Tech fine tuning, technological network, and inner-fintech partnerships

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University of Helsinki, Law & Finance 

Enterprise digital transformation executive

  • Associate Partner at IBM 

  • ex-KPMG, ex-Accenture

  • 2 BPO automation startups (CTO & CEO roles)


Technical expert of enterprise software, IT infrastructure, and solution ecosystems of front, middle-, and back office. Lead technical enterprise automation and cloud technologies consultant for Fortune 500 clients. A trusted board member and treasury for a large family estate. 

San Francisco, Benelux & Helsinki

Legal & business professional, enterprise modernisation, engineering, automation

Erik Tjelta Epistemic Partner


Auditor (BI)

Automation entrepreneur & expert

  • several successful BPO business startups & exits


Founded and scaled successful BPA automation startups with great exits. A trusted board member in various industry companies with combined turnover of
close to €100M. Technical skills and solid track record in designing, building

and managing enterprise automation solution businesses. 


Norway / Scandinavia

BPO expertise, industry partnerships, client sourcing, testing & peripheral product development

Javier Reyes Epistemic Partner


PhD, Uni of Helsinki

  • ex-TMF,

  • ex- Vistra,

  • University Law Lecturer

  • Round Hill Capital lawyer 

  • € 5B+ Assets under management

Nordic Director and Senior Lawyer with 5B+ AUM at TMF Group. North America Team Leader with 3B+ AUM and sole steward for Rhône Group portfolio at Vistra Group. Senior Lawyer with 2B+ AUM in real estate co-investments with Ivanhoe Cambridge, TPG, Blackstone and Starwood at Round Hill Capital. 

Luxembourg, Nordics

Full stack structure management, partnership and client sourcing, and

exit spearheading. BPO expert


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