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Executive Summary

Epistemic Fund I SCSp​

  • Competitive investment period, 1st cycle 3-5 years, performance expectations to beat the industry standard 2.5x

  • Standard 2/20 fee structure with a twist: 1.25x preferred return repaid before any success fee is distributed.


Investment strategy

  • Investing into Western European and Nordic post-product / pre-scale companies, ticket size ranging between 1-8Million

  • International growth and exit ambitions in highly valued markets, especially the U.S.

  • Investment focus on enterprise middle- and back office automation, and enterprise business process automation (BPO)


Highlights of the General Partners

  • Active industrial VC – Partners with automation and BPO backgrounds

  • Presence is San Francisco, Luxembourg, London, Oslo, and Helsinki

  • Partners have a proven track record of 10+ successful exits, close to €10 Billion AUM, and 80+ years of combined experience

Epistemic Foraging GP Ltd is an AIF Licensed Investment Fund, regulated under the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority | FSA. 
License ID # 14859134. 



Standard 2/20 structure

1.25x preferred return of investment

Epistemic is an AIF licensed fund 

We offer the market's lowest management fee (2% per annum, with no additional fees)

Preferred return of 1.25x on their investment (1.25 times their initial investment plus profits)

We offer and arrange exits through the Cayman Islands for all of our investors as a standard service



Schedule an introductory call with our Partners via dealflow@epistemic.vc

Receive a detailed fund presentation and review contract 

Sign the contract with DocuSign and complete investor onboarding according to the simple and automated process