For investors who are:

- Seeking capital appreciation through investment in companies that are strategically positioned to benefit from the growing demand of enterprise automation interested in a diverse portfolio

- Technology executives, business owners, academics or general market enthusiasts

- Looking to fill Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) or Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) mandates. 

We bring Venture Capital investing to everyone's reach


VC industry has kept itself exclusive and unattainable for most, other than the exceptionally wealthy. We are here to change that.


We invite tech and industry professionals to join Epistemic as VC investors. 

We want to be inclusive, instead of only reaching out to family offices and large financial institutions. Therefore minimum ticket size is set at 1000€.


An impressive amount of experts with industry insights, technical know-how, and hustle have already joined us. Now it is your turn. 

Epistemic combines the best of angel investing and the stock market together; you can invest in a full portfolio of future tech giants with distributed risk. 


Our partners are notoriously successful, but together with you - the industry playmakers and experts - we are a force to recon. Discussion across the industry and our investors is highly encouraged throughout the lifecycle of the fund. 

You can find all necessary contractual and supporting documentation below to ease your journey into venture capital. 


Our onboarding process is completed securely through DocuSign. 


We are here to support your investment decision.

Fund presentation and investment thesis
Capital Contribution Commitment Agreement and Adherence
The contract terms and conditions
Key Investor Information
Answers to the most common questions
AIF License # 14859134
Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority.
Voluntary Collaboration Agreement
Collaboration offer for active angel Investors and industry ( and/or subject matter) experts
Instructions for Investor Onboarding with Docusign
Code of Conduct
Epistemic Code of Conduct
Privacy Policy
Epistemic Privacy Policy
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Luxembourg, San Francisco, Helsinki, Oslo 

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Epistemic Foraging GP Ltd is an AIF Licensed Investment Fund, regulated under the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority | FSA.

License ID # 14859134. 


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