Investing in enterprise middle office business process automation & back office digitalization

pistemic's Partners draw on hard-won, prior successes to work with validated automation startups that automate enterprise back office, middle office, and enterprise business processes.

We work in the frontier where digitalization meets enterprise business operations. We are team of seasoned technology, legal, and corporate finance experts with drive to create significant momentum and ability to generate real insider value.
We stay a few steps ahead of agnostic VC funds by knowing how to pick the real winners from our niche and developing field. We are ultra specialized and ONLY invest into enterprise automation - and exactly that is our secret to success.
Smart Phone


Fund size 200 Meur
Ticket size 1 - 8 Meur

Investing in Europe

Holding period 5 + 2 years

VC, highly technical, BPA

technologies, and enterprise

automation backgrounds

Partners with over

$10 Billion AuM, and
10+ successful exits

San Francisco  |  Luxembourg  |  London  |  Oslo  |  Helsinki

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